Northern Half-Ogre by gyrfalcontg

Northern Half-Ogre

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 18, 2004
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Created as a racial portrait for the Issig Homeworld Project Half-ogres tend not to be very happy folk... having an ogre as one of your parents does not lend itself to domestic tranquility.

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gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks so much, Simon! This was a challenge for me lighting wise... I had never done this lighting angle on a face before, and looked a lot of references (including making my own husband stand out in the sun and snap pictures of him, poor thing.) So I'm very glad to see that I was ultimately successful! And yes, you'd really best take back what you said about his mother, also.

Guest's picture

Whoever this guy's looking at had better make himself scarce, or apologise. He should never have said that hair ties are for girls. Nice expression, but I'm more impressed by the lighting, it's close to being perfect. You've not made the shadows too deep, because of the light reflected by the snow, and as a result it looks like he's really "there", in the scene. Nice job.

gyrfalcontg's picture

Oh thank you so much James! *dances* I'm so happy with how this turned out (as is the client!) This was definitely one of those times where you just feel the love on the work... Wink

gyrfalcontg's picture

Laughing out loud Thanks for stopping my Daemon. Hopefully your portrait will be here soon also!

somerset's picture

What an awesome character, Marie! love the unusual skin tones! his hair is just perfect, so real! great rendering, really conveys a feeling of size and bulk!

Guest's picture

This is truely fantastic Marie! I love you work - man 'o man!

Daemon Blackrazor

gyrfalcontg's picture

Thanks, Scott! Skin is one of my favorite things to paint... I especially like the challenges of unusual skin colors, like black or gray. This one actually had been languishing in my "not-quite-finished" pile for about two months. I finally pulled it out yesterday and went "Ah-ha! I know what to do!" Laughing out loud

sdavis123061's picture

Wow, great portrait Marie! The overall rendering on this is just excellent. You painted those skin tones perfectly, and that facial expression just says it all! Very well done.

Art at its best.