Hugin and Munin by draigathar

Hugin and Munin

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Added: Apr 05, 2004
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This sculpture was inspired by Norse mythology. Hugin and Munin are Odin's twin raven scouts. He sends them out each day at dawn to fly over the world, and they return with news for him of everything they observe. This led me to envision Hugin and Munin as two raven-headed men with wings. Hugin is crouched, observing the fine detail of something before him, while Munin stands beside him contemplating the larger picture. The pair of them have cloth bodies over wire armatures with heads, hands and feet sculpted from epoxy and/or polymer clay. The wings and neck ruffs are made from real feathers, and the clothing is fabric and leather. 16" tall, on a wooden base.

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devilry's picture

Ooh, me likes very much! Nice to see Hugin and Munin presented in a new way. I think they are very symbolic ravens anyway (names meaning 'thought' and 'memory' as you probably know) so they can just as easily be seen as men.. And do make more Norse stuff! Smile Again, great work.

Guest's picture

Wonderful costuming, and perfect details! These are very strong, well executed pieces!

sleetwealth's picture

esquisite sculpting and detail of the raven heads. The costume and expression of the peice are great as well.
I love these!

goddessart's picture

Awesome work as usual, Amy! Rock on!

draigathar's picture

Do you know, I had never heard of Freki and Geri until recently. I knew that Odin had two wolves, as well, but I never knew their names or anything about them. So it's kind of neat that you mention them - I look forward to seeing your drawings when you've finished them. Smile

arikla's picture

Most impressed! I love it Smile Not enough Hugin and Munin pieces out there. Been working on a couple drawings to go with Freki and Geri, but haven't finished them yet. Really like this as a sculpture Smile

Guest's picture

Great sculpture! I love everything about this pair! Great faces and wonderful realistic hands! Can't say enough!!!


Guest's picture

Superb piece!

Guest's picture

Superb piece!

rita's picture

They are so wonderful! Thanks.

Art at its best.