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Added: Jan 02, 2008
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The Kappa is a character from Japanese legend, a water demon that looks like a short, wrinkled man with a beaked nose and a turtle shell on his back. Kappas live in rivers and eat unwary people, especially children. There are two ways to keep yourself safe from the kappa, however. First, kappas love cucumbers, so if you carve your name into a cucumber and throw it into the river, the kappa will find it and remember you. He will spare you should you ever run into him. Second, the kappa's strength comes from the water. He has a depression in the top of his head that carries water so he is never without it. If you should run into a kappa, all you need to do is bow. He will have to bow in return, and when he does the water will spill out of the bowl in his head. He will be powerless until he can return to the river, which gives you time to run for your life.

I sculpted the kappa out of epoxy clay and polymer clay over a wire armature. The base is wooden and covered with rocks and sand, and a paperclay cucumber with my name carved into it (can't be too careful, I figure!) and all is painted with cel vinyl paints. He is varnished with acrylic. The kappa stands about 10" tall.

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Amy I love the story and am so glad to see some sculpture from you at long last. I keep watching DL and your site and was afraid you had given it up for needlefelting.
Cool Kappa

Art at its best.