Tundra Wolf by mausfoot

Tundra Wolf

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Added: Feb 17, 2004
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Magic Card

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that looks atupid

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what is that! is so scary who did it are they nuts

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Only problem with a mouth that big, is that he cant lick his balls Smile

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stop the critisizum! keep your words to yourselves! i, personaly enjoy it and think its an awsome work of art

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yeah man that pic looks just like my dog!!!!! iam not even joking!!!!!!!he once chewed off my brothers leg!!! the dog use to sneak around and eat little kids at night.......scary huh

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FFS! stop complaining about the fact that it doesn't look like a real wolf! IT'S NÒT SUPPOSED TO! richard has clearly written "magic card" in the info of the picture since it's a picture of the "tundra wolf" from the "magic: the gathering" card game! If you can't even be bothered to read information about the pictures then you shouldn't even be allowed to comment! LRN 2 READ R-TARDS! >.>

great pic by the way Laughing out loud

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Thats a horrible picture, wolves look so much more graceful and beautifully dangerous, thats just a hairy mouth with teeth. u suck

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I play MTG and i love that card Smile so i have to thank u very much. Great and awesome job

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Mister "you're a disgrace", how dare you insult an artist! Why odn't you eat some of that and attempt to draw something taht even comes in that range! You represent ignorance.

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That thing is hideous. There are many more ways to make it look Ferocious without making it look completely deformed in the process.

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youare a disgrace.you cannot draw the beautiful body of a wolf.i hope you die.

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An awesome beast!Great job!

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I've got a couple of these and I really like them. Your tundra wolf is awesome. I have loved this pic since I got those cards. You rock.

lynx's picture

Indeed! *hides from beast*
I love the colors, and it reminds me of a warg from Tolkien. Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

Geez! Look at the maw! I pity anything that beast chases! It's awesome!

Art at its best.