New Found Friend by romanweb

New Found Friend

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 30, 2004
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Artwork Description

This is a concept design for a children's story written by my Brother-In-Law about a boy who nurses a deserted, baby dragon back to health. In the process, they grow close to one another and become the best of friends.
Before long the dragon's wings are mended and it is time for it to find it's own way. The boy pleads for his friend not to go but in the end he realizes his dragon needs to fly.

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romanweb's picture

Jean, Your insight truly means alot to me. It's great artists such as yourself who inspire me to keep up the "humanity". All the best,

vengince's picture

I keep coming back to this piece, I think I have more insight to it them most here and hat makes it that much more wonderful for me. The kids expression the soft earth tones really give this a wonderful choldren's book feel. Your work has a humanity in it that I enjoy bro.

romanweb's picture

Yo Dawn! How you doin?! Thanks for stopping by again and leaving such kind words. I definately plan on stopping on in and checking to see what new spectacles you've managed to conjur up on your page....hope the sun is shining on your end of the world.

snow-wolf's picture

Long time no see there Tim... been busy with school and such. Anyways, decided to stop on by to see if you had any new pieces. This is absolutely adorable! You did a wonderful job on coloring as usual. ^-^ Oh just to let you know I'm in the process of updateing my Elfwood page so once my stuff has been posted I'll be sure to let you know.

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Thanks Vera! Thanks for taking the time to comment.....
Take care,

vera-lucia's picture

Nice artwork, nice story!

romanweb's picture

Thank you so much Rita. We've invested alot time and ourselves to hopefully have a publisher pick this up....wish us luck!
Take care,

rita's picture

A nice story and a very nice painting!

Art at its best.