The Lion-Men of Uranus by jeffdurham

The Lion-Men of Uranus

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 16, 2004
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Another make-believe pulp novel cover, and it was done in photoshop 6 & 7. It took about 3 days of total hands-on painting time to get it to this point. I'm having fun with these; time just flies by and I'm learning a lot.
I was a bit worried after I uploaded this and looked at it from work. The difference between home (lcd monitor) and work (crt) is enormous and it's much brighter and washed out than I intended. I was going to darken it and put it up again but I kind of like it. I might put a darker one up later on my website but for now I'll go with this one.

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Guest's picture

i love this so much.........i feel like iam there...and iam scared dammit!

Much Love

jeffdurham's picture

Late reply again-- Thanks! I might be getting close to mosting more stuff soon. A little encouragement might put me over the top.

digger's picture

Really dig the pulps. This one would fit in nicely within that genre! Excellent work, Jeff!

jeffdurham's picture

That IS a g. . . oh, wait. You're right. She's got problems.

Guest's picture

Love it - a sort of loose but detailed style, if that makes sense. The woman is especially well done, the colours on her are amazing. But I bet she's regretting bringing her hairdrier to the woods instead of a gun... Wink

jeffdurham's picture

Thanks, J.P. I'm a big fan of your work!

vengince's picture

Great composition and definately that pulp feel..lovin it.

jeffdurham's picture

Aw, shucks.

Guest's picture

You are a master storyteller Wink

jeffdurham's picture

Very kind comment. Thank you. And sorry about the lion man thing. Pure co-incidence. Yours looks very good, too!

christar's picture

Great balance of detail and composition.
Darn it! I wanna be this good! I wanna be this good!

jeffdurham's picture

Thanks Rebecca!

sdeanbloom's picture

Great colors and composition. I like it all. Especially the Lionman!

goddessart's picture

Very cool work! I love it!

jeffdurham's picture

A quick look at your gallery shows me you are closer than I am to the mark I'm aiming for. Great work. Very flattered you like this one.

jeffdurham's picture

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll definitely keep at it.

sdavis123061's picture

Hi Jeff, I just looked at your gallery after seeing this piece and I really like what you're doing here. This faux pulp cover idea is a great one and all your pieces are very well rendered. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Great job.

swisnie's picture

Jeff, excellent work! I really like that old pulp look. The anatomy on the creatures arm is great. The solid form, stance and balance of the woman has that strong, classical feel.

jeffdurham's picture

I'll keep churning! Got a ways to go to catch up to you!

jeffdurham's picture

I figure I've got 6 planets to go before I have to figure out something new. 7 if we count Sedna.

illustrus's picture

The phoney pulp novel is a great idea. I really gives you alot of room to develop an idea. Keep it going.

leowinstead's picture

This is excellent, Jeff. I'm so glad you joined Epilogue. Your stuff is really good (especially this piece). Keep churning them out, I need more! P.S. Nice website!

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