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Added: Mar 25, 2004
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After the thief, Prometheus had stolen fire from heaven and then had given it to men on earth, Zeus, the king of the gods, decided to take his revenge. He commanded Hephaestus, the god of fire and Athena, the goddess of wisdom, to create a woman out of earth.
Zeus intended to send Pandora to earth as a gift to Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus. But before Pandora descended to earth, Zeus gave her a little box. He told her that she could have all that she could possibly wish for on earth, as long as she obeyed one simple condition: she must never open the box. She agreed to Zeus's condition and was promptly sent to earth. Epimetheus, was enchanted by Pandora and took her for his wife.
One day, Pandora contemplated her little box and was overcome by curiosity. She wondered what, if anything, the box contained. Finally, overcome by curiosity, Pandora, she decided to see what was inside the box.
She had intended to raise the lid of the box just a little, enough to peek inside. As soon as she raised the lid and the light of the world could penetrate the interior of the box, out shoot from within, uncountable evils, all of which span around Pandora's head before spreading around the world and inflicting mankind. Pandora closed the box as soon as she could, but only hope remained inside.

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fauna's picture

Absolutely beautiful, this work captures the spirit of feminine curiosity:)

enchanted's picture

I love how her hair seems to be swimming around her. The lighting, animal in the background and her hands are great. It's like art nouveau in my dreams, so beautiful.

niveus's picture

beautifull peice. I love her box, it is odd because I just did a picture of pandora. Anyway yours is beautifull, I love the light coming out of the box, and her hair is just stunning, her hands are just so gracefull. This image is so lovely as are the rest of your images, very nice gallery.

Art at its best.