Huntress by fogge


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Added: May 04, 2004
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And thank you for the comment and pointers.. I appreciate it. =)

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Hi there,thanks for posting on my art,im quite new here,so i def need lots of guidance!~now,on to ur warrior,she looks dang~cool pose,nice shades,and overall nice,she looks real native to me!howver some parts of ehr needs more shades den the others(eg.the inner thigh)but i look forward to seeing more of ur stuff!~hopefully we can share painting tips sometime in the future!Smile

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Thank you so much for your nice words. =)

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I love the hair and clothes and the look poster is great exellent Smile

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I get the hint.. =)

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Thank you for the comment and the tip. I appreciate it..

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Hi Daniel, firstly thanks for your kind words on my art. Now to your cool female warrior! The stance and attitude she has are good, as is the costume design. My only concern is that almost all the surfaces are treated with the same smooth texture. You don't have to go nuts with painting every stich or hair but just enough to give each item it's own identity. I look forward to seeing more of your art at epilogue!

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Thank you for the comment. =) I can't remember where I got it but it's the fonts name is "VDub"

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I like the shading and layout ^_~ Where did you get that awesome font?

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Nice belts yes but try to show that they are three dimensional and not part of her skin. Great pic.

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Thank you so much for the comment on my first approved post here at Epilogue. It means a lot to me. /Daniel

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I love all the belts around the arm not holding anything. The fist is excellent and the belts and shading are spot on. Nicely done!

Art at its best.