One Last Time by stahlberg

One Last Time

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 15, 2004
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Fallen into the monster's lair, she begs it to let her go...

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ascella's picture

very sensitiv work. The reflex on elbow of the girl especially like me, because it shows you know something about colors. But this is my impression by other parts of the picture, too. Good job:)

yonaz's picture

this pic is totally stunning, great work Smile

Guest's picture

Wonderful job, one of the best I've seen. However, the hair covering her arm- it rather looks as though you botched the job and smeared it over? I hope I'm wrong, I just happened to notice that. Or perhaps it is just the light and I'm too picky =)

Guest's picture

my jawdropped.....You have alot of talent.

Guest's picture

This is so impressive, I would say one
of the best images I have ever seen.

Guest's picture

Yes, yes I like this one

noah-kh's picture

it's good to see you around. pity i'd only be visiting sg in july. keep the good stuffs coming.

grinning-oni's picture

I love the lighting in this. It's got that tangible dusty feel. Great work you have here.

Guest's picture

wonderful mood and fantastic painting. the lightning is excellent!

Guest's picture

Thats one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Do you make posters or prints of your work? I'd but them...and so would alot of other people i know.

Guest's picture

Simply gorgeous!!! You've definitly earned your place in Exposè!!! I told about your work to one of my theachers at university and he was so very interested in your style!!! Congratulation!

Guest's picture

Very beautiful

Guest's picture

You should publish a book about how you use your 3d cg art techniques and theories to create hand painted 2d works Mr. Stahlberg. I would buy a copy! I promise! It's like you've learned to think like a computer when it renders something. It's obvious that you have a deep knowledge of physics because you understand the properties of materials like flesh, light, and gas so well from your works.

stahlberg's picture

Thank you everybody, I'm overwhelmed by such a positive response... and by getting the Editor's Pick, whohoo! Smile

Guest's picture

This is amazing! The way you illustrated the heavy atmosphere is pure genius. Congrats on the pick!

Guest's picture

Kudos are definately in order here! That monster is uniquely terrifying, and she looks so innocent and pure. Keep up the great work!

Guest's picture

Wow. Creepy. I particularly like the way you did the light and shading. It's facinating.

malyce's picture

Wonderful atmosphere, each one of your works creates such a mysterious story behind it. You've captured the mood perfectly. Beautifully done.

Guest's picture

awesome awesome awesome. you can tell by the faerie's face that it was drawn, but it still looks sooo real that it could be a photograph. maybe a person with a fairie mask on even. very cool and mysterious atmosphere. i LOVE it.

grobi's picture

Lovely!!!! Really great work!

rita's picture

It is AMAZING...

frodo's picture

I just love this ...the lighting and textures are so sumptuous!

Guest's picture

emasing, love the girls face too and the nose but the lightning is the most greatest Im totally loving the butterfly and how it avoids the light and the most weirdest thing to me is that it seems this was painted with ease I mean that it shows you are experienced very established artist not that you were working so hard on this single image IM SO IMPRESSED

beccacox's picture

This image is famous, hasn't everyone seen it by now? If not, they should! My favorite part of this is the girl's face.. so cute and delicate.

Guest's picture

This may be the greatest digital work of art I have ever seen. The lighting, atmosphere, and drama are PHENOMENAL.

unpaidartist's picture

Color me impressed, my friend. This is how I would like my own work to look. Smile

Guest's picture

i love the detail you put in the monster and way to go with editor's pick!

Guest's picture

I am one of those die-hard traditionalist painters that has a hard time accepting the digital age that is here...but WOW! Your work has impressed me greatly. Between you and and a few other digital painters, I am warming up to the medium. Thanks for the great, eye-opening work.

Art at its best.