The comfort of Danu by mparker

The comfort of Danu

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 05, 2004
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Artwork Description

A cat sits in a celtic knotwork quilt. She is a familiar to Danu, the first fairy.

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crescent's picture

Lovely, specially the celtic knots.

Guest's picture

I love cats, I love Celtic Lore, and I love faeries. I look at this artwork and it amazes me. It feels as if I am actually seeing the language of the feline in reguards to it's surronding and the mood of the room. Great work!

mparker's picture

Oh, thank you for the quilt comment! I had taken a photo of my cat on a different quilt, with suns and moons on it, but wanted to do a drawing with a knotwork quilt. Have you ever tried to find a knotwork quilt in real-life? Impossible! So I was a little worried that the quilt might not look as realistic as it could, since I had to draw all the knots, and make sure they looked like they followed the curves of the fabric. Thanks for making me feel that I actually achieved that goal of realism!

mparker's picture

What it really required was a sacrificial colored pencil. Smile
I swear, I used up a little more than half of a brand-new blue colored pencil on this. The board that I used just ate it up, and so did the pencil sharpener, since you need to keep the point really sharp to get a good finished picture.

rita's picture

It is a beautiful painting. The fur is outstanding and the quilt looks so realistic, too!

yadykaryn's picture

Fantastic. Love the attention to detail in the fur and the knotwork. All of it must have required super patience. Congrats.

varian's picture

This is done so well, great sense of realism!

somerset's picture

Stunning work, Michelle! the cat is brilliant, the realism you have achieved here is outstanding!

Art at its best.