Dragon Dancing by mparker

Dragon Dancing

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 03, 2004
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They swirl through the night, glittering like stars.

15x20" Mixed media (ink, watercolor and colored pencil) done on hot press illustration board.

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Guest's picture

Wow. Seeing your work makes me REALLY jealous. The only thing wrong that I could see was that it makes amateur artists like myself envious. Keep up the good work! ~KFB

jmartyn's picture

WOAH YOU'RE TOO GOOD! How do you get that good? It's excellant!!! I hope to see more of your work on wet canvas! I really love it!!!!! keep it up Smile You've enspired one person in Australia to try their own aatempt at fantasy Laughing out loud

mparker's picture

Oh no! You just gave me another idea. Now you've got me wondering if a dark-skinned, exotic-looking dancer done up in reds and golds (basically, enhancing the middle-eastern flavor, even including some more eastern-styled knotwork. Theirs is more angular ) would make a good companion piece to this?

Dagnabbit, you folks are going to keep putting me to work, aren't you?

Heh. Try the pencils!! I had stopped using them for ages, and then was inspired by some of the work I've seen here and on the WetCanvas boards and jumped back into them. And now I'm having the time of my life with them and pastels. Putting in a watercolor background really helps in toning down the paper so you don't see the white through the pencil marks.

goldie1420's picture

I love how you have celtic and middle eastern flavor here, very exotic! beautiful colors and design

you make me want to try pencils!!

rita's picture

Michelle, this is so beautiful -- please post some details. Just love this!

somerset's picture

Stunning pencil work, Michelle! beautifully detailed! I agree with Chris, this must have taken you an age, especially that lovely knotwork! a pleasure to view!

mparker's picture

Oof, you've no idea. I actually broke a sweat while working on this. I was burnishing down the colored pencil work, and had to turn the A/C down.

I've been looking at your site. You've got some great stuff there. I recently did a Psyche and Eros pic myself, but it's only on my DeviantArt gallery. It's a fantastic myth to play with visually, isn't it?

griffingirl's picture

Lordy, this must've taken you forever! Such wonderful detail....

Art at its best.