A FABLE OF THE CASHEW by goblinfiesta


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For those of you who enjoy cashews, have tasted an actual cashew fruit or seen a pic of it online--and have wondered about the nut being on the outside of the fruit.....here's an Asian fable or legend with a whimsical 'explanation'.

The tale goes like this--there was a huge Woodland Ball that is happening in the forest and all the animals, birds and fairy folk were in attendance. A fairy was resting on a cashew tree branch and heard some whispering coming from the fruits. She moved closer and was surprised to hear voices coming from inside! It was the seeds and they graciously asked the Fairy if she can help them come out of the fruits just to witness the ball since they've heard so much talk about it. Now the other fruits and seeds were contented to just listen to or hear about the ball from other sources--but not the cashew seeds. They expressed their fondest desire to the fairy and she agreed to grant them that one wish. But--it came with a warning. When the rooster crows at dawn, the seeds must be inside their fruits or be stuck outside forever. Her magic could only go so far and she, like all the fairy folk will disappear into mist as the new day dawns and won't be around to help them. The seeds excitedly agreed and hurried to the clearing where the ball is in full swing! They chatted with the fairy folk, ooh-h-h-ed and aah-h-ed at the wonderful ball gowns and feasted on assorted fairy food. Dancing the night away--they failed to hear the rooster crow and pretty soon they realized that the other party revelers were slowly disappearing. The seeds hurried as fast as their little legs could take them to their respective fruits, but it was too late! They could only hold on to the bottom of the fruit and there they are to this very day.
Hope everyone likes my little fable--interesting fruit--the cashew. I've had the chance to eat the fruit--nice, sweet and juicy, and of course--I love the nuts!
In this scene--the diminutive fairy visits with the cashews bringing along her three sidekicks--a chubby sparrow-like bird, and 2 fairy elves who don't waste time in acrobatic feats all over the cashew tree. The fairy's outfit is a type of ethnic dress from that part of the world.

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