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The celebration of Samhain (pronounced in proper Gaelic: 'sow-in') came from the Celtic peoples many centuries ago. It's a time which is thought to be when the division between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Meaning denizens of the afterlife could communicate or even cross over back to the land of the living. The celebration of this day comes from trying to appease the dead. Cernunos--the Forest Lord in all his autumn finery--cape of various autumn leaves, crimson mask and golden torque--celebrates on Samhain eve--October 31st--Halloween! He has summoned various goblins and creatures from the nearby woods to celebrate with him. I particulary love the little scampering JOL pumpkin goblins with leafy legs and arms--and, of course--not to be left behind--the satyr making sure he has the largest Pumpkin that he could get! Ever the 'pretty boy'--our Cernunos or Cerrunos as he is sometimes called--one can still sense his restrained virility and masculine presence as he stands by an ancient oak tree. The wonderfully smiling lady-in-the-moon shines her light on the gathering--making everything almost as clear as day!.
Done in acrylics on canvas panel.

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Jade, this is so very beautiful!

Art at its best.