Meditating mage by gpetersz

Meditating mage

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Added: Jul 25, 2004
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For the online TCG: Summoners (

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Thank you again, it is in the hands of the editors... Laughing out loud and sure in my hands.
I'll try.

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yes maybe varian is right and the glow of the sphere coud affect a little more the surroundings - but what i really love is your wonderful painterly style, looks fantastik - so congrats to your wondeful gallery - i hope to see more soon Wink

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"First, I love the painting. Second I agree with Varian the glow of the globe definitely does grab the attention. However, I believe that the lack of it's light impacting anything arouns it gives it a very solid magical feel to it's light. This, in my opinion, enhances the overall feeling of the painting and gives it a small bit of surealness. Don't change a thing! Last the attention to detail and the painting behind the mage is a superb touch. it shows great attention to detail and dedication to your work. The texture of the painting is incredible especially for a digital work. I applaud your skill and patience."
Cliff Holt

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Good work, congratulations, I really like the pose and the glowing ball, but most of all the painting in the background. good one

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Na csak gondoltam, meglátogatlak itt is, hogy gratulálhassak!

Darkmask vagyis Krisztián

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Thanks for the comment, and I have to admit that you are right, it is a critical part of the image, and when time comes I have to correct it. Thanks they let it in. Smile

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I like the blue tones in this accenting the browns/golds. There is a very peaceful, quiet feeling that comes across. I think the sphere looks good but the glow of it doesn't seem to be affecting anything around it (or perhaps not strongly enough for the amount of glow it seems to be giving off). It definitely grabs the attention.

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Great lighting and overall brush technique. One thing though is that the orb seems a bit out of place in terms of the way its painted, almost like its too perfectly spherical and shiny when everything else has a nice painterly feel...could be wrong though Smile

Art at its best.