Mistress Zeina by gpetersz

Mistress Zeina

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 04, 2004
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Artwork Description

Wallpaper for the online CCG: Summoners.
The mistress of the demon army, lady of the augit stone, represents the lila/black color in the game. Photoref for the lady's body (the head is original) and dress and the spider's head, everything else is original.

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gpetersz's picture

Everybody mentions the background and I think they're right.
First, there isn't any background at all... Okay it is meant to be a wallpaper but I suck a bit when it comes to the backgrounds.

I've run into my everyday problem. Besides backgrounds not my strongest area, I spent a lot of time on the lady
and was a bit hurried when was doing the background characters.
Moreover the left (our left) is quite poor, I am glad they let it in. Laughing out loud

gpetersz's picture

Thanks Ken.

kenmeyerjr's picture

I'm not too sure about the background, but the woman is very convincing, incredibly moody and well done!

gpetersz's picture

Thank you! Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

Awww Sad. I am sure i commented on your earlier works. disheartening to see i haven't. What a complex image this is. full of many many figures. I love the yellow lighting, its very haunting. I certainly appreciate the effort behind this piece.!

gpetersz's picture

Thanks I am glad you liked it.
It is a bit static, I always wanted to do more dynamic images but it is for a wallpaper so a big comings and goings might hurt the user's eyes. Smile

j-art's picture

holy cow - now thats a true masterpiece!!! - i am so glad you posted the link to your gallery in the forum, so i had the chance to check out that guy - and i have to say -- i am really impressed -- keep up your fabulous work!

gpetersz's picture

Thank you May-Lin, I am glad for your warm words. Smile

djinn's picture

Aehm, that should of course be "can't wait to see your next project".

djinn's picture

Ah...here you are, Peter. This is a really good picture. The woman is lovely. I've been looking through your gallery and with the rate you are improving, I can wait to see your next project. Smile

Art at its best.