Undertree Inn by pegahoul

Undertree Inn

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 20, 2006
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"Welcome, children, to the Undertree Inn. Where you can play and party all night long, without adults to say "don't do this", "don't do that" or "go to bed". When you're tired, comfortable beds are already prepared at the second floor. Enjoy yourself, don't mind the screams you heard at night. When morning come, the caretaker will escort what's left of you to the edge of the forest. It will be an experience you'll never forget."

Half an hour sketch, 20 or so hours (5 days) of fun painting ^^.
Although it turned exactly as I wanted, I'm still not satisfied on some part. Plus, I don't know if drawing those misty dementor-ish things on the background a good idea or not, but it does support the story ^^.

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Guest's picture

The over arching affect this piece has on me is one of comfort, one that makes me what to share it with my aunt who also appreciates art.
Yet, whatever that is near the entrance gives me some chills!

pegahoul's picture

Thank you ^^ glad you like it.

mpenn20's picture

Really nice piece. Takes me back to the great storybook art I enjoyed with my kids. You'd got a real talent for this type of work. Great job.

pegahoul's picture

thank you

pegahoul's picture

Thanks, Jenny ^^. and thanks for dropping by ^^

emerald's picture

Such wonderful lighting you have painted here. Truly impressive

goldseven's picture

Very nice work! Great mood, lighting and detail in this one.

pegahoul's picture

Thanks a lot ^^

carles's picture

Great mood in that one indeed. Good job.

pegahoul's picture

Thank you ^^

rita's picture

I like it - looks charming and scary at the same time!

Art at its best.