Can't stand the light by kyena

Can't stand the light

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Added: Feb 12, 2007
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She doesn't quite understand why she can't stand the light despite the fact that she got wings the other creatures she has seen around here..

First of all, this is a personal painting about the question why people need to fit in - so badly that they sometimes give themselves up.

I have two uncles who both grew up being gay. They had an incredibly hard time both being frowned upon by society and family. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to hide their true self and giving it up to fit in. I have a lot of respect for them besides the fact that they belong to the coolest people I know.

I tried to capture the expression of a curious child..just before the moment the pain might hit.

Henning took several pictures of me in a similar pose which I used to get the underlaying bone and muscle definition right. The wings were a freaking paint (sorry for the wording). I downloaded tons of feather references to work from.

I haven't copied any of the refs I got directly but used them to understand the actual topic (or muscle structure in the first case).

The clouds were a pain too..I am normally not the most patient painter but I wanted to practice three objects I normally totally hate to paint: coulds, hands and feathers.

Sketched some ideas first then worked from there in Photoshop CS Smile
Hope you enjoy.

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it realy is beutiful and i think they r happy. that ur trieng to tell the world how it fiels. and u just try ur best painting.if not pls just 1 last one T_T

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Quite beautiful - and I think your work on each of those three pieces definitely shows. As for the comments about the legs, I disagree. The pose is perfect for your purpose, and I can't see how it's the 'easy way out' if it matches the pose and the enclosure of the wings.

Anyway, I love it. Lovely. Smile

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the picture"can't stand the light" is one of the moste beautifull pictures I have ever seen. it holds so many feelings. when I see it I smile and at the same time I want to cry. it is just so beautifull...

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Yeah, I agree you took the easy way out with the legs/feet, but most of us have done that. Having said that, it is a truly gorgeous piece...lovely clouds, interesting idea and incredibly well rendered.

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Love the picture, not sure if the legs work though...

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holy shister!, Tascha. That is incredible work for your figure here, so life like its incredible!.Your art improves with each piece. congratulations!..........


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The three objects you hate to paint are the best parts of this wonderful artwork. No need to practice cus you alraedy master them.

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Superb work, Natascha, your reasons behind this stunning painting only make it the more special for me! I'm glad you put so much personal insight into your work....oh heh heh and visually this is gorgeous! Smile

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Tascha, I just love it - her expression is so great and suits to her fear... And dont worry, those wings are GORGEOUS!! But my fave part is her headdress

Art at its best.