Capricorn by aerythes


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Added: Mar 24, 2005
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Feel like designing a mecha series based on the Zodiac signs. This one is Capricorn, the "goat". Clearly, it's a design that places importance on aesthetics over realism. The only practical considerations given to it are that the joints should work somewhat if it's made into a 3D animatable model. This thing..., it stabs, it shoots, it kills! Wheee~~!

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I don't know what else to say but WOW... Please do Aquarius!

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Absolutely incredible, I can't stop looking at it. Please Before I die I want to see all twelve, then maybe I can die happy, lol. Please do Sagittarius. I would set it as my wallpaper and never remove it. Most of all I love the contours, his design lines. 10/10!

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Dude With Al respect... THIS ONE IS THE BEST MECH I EVER SEEN!!!! And trust me i have seen a lot of them xD and as the other comments above I Hopping to see the rest of the other sings xD

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jesus aaron this is amazing! I like the way you blended the fire with the smoke. Its a fantastic peice.

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So intriguing!

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Wow - that's absolutely stunning!

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This looks so like a gundam only much cooler! awesome! do a pisces one!! please!

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I love this image! Very well painted, composed, good line work, etc. Oh, and great choice of colours! I esp love the shield and the legs. The Capri sign is also very appropiate to do as a 'mechanoid' (no offence to the Capris =). Why this one didn't get the Editor's Pick instead of your previous image is a mystery.
Oh, and you really should do Cancer next. Just think of the potential with the scale and the claws.. Wink

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Cool, Cool, Cool!
Cant wait to see Leo (Guess which one I am.)

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great design!

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This is really cool. Just curious, did you do a 3d model of this for drawing reference or anything? I just ask because the perspectie is really well done. I will build a 3d model of something just as a reference that I treat like a reference photo. I was just curious if you did anything like that.

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that's awesome! aquarius comes after capricorn so i think that logically that should be the next pic you do Wink Yay! ;D

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That is a great Mecha! Looks a bit like an Eva! Laughing out loud

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He's absolutely magnificent. This design is really good! I love the colours you've used and the subtle orange uplighting is excellent and unfussy background makes you really focus on all the great details in his armour. I can't wait to see the other eleven, sagittarius would be a good one to do next..hint hint!!

Art at its best.