Summer of the Brides by illuminator

Summer of the Brides

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Added: Sep 20, 2004
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This is a splash-page illlustration depicting a marriage ceremony between a faerie and a spider; the story is well written and a fun read. This was published in the Leading Edge magazine.

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lorenzo's picture

I like very much your work and what you are able to do using just black and grey. Well done!!

illuminator's picture

Thanks again, Paige. The faerie was strictly from my imagination, but I used a lot of reference to design the spider...that old saying "An illustrator is only as good as his reference"? Well, I think it's a bunch of bologna, but the understanding the reality of things helps me think of permutations on foundational details that it would have been impossible to fabricate out of my imagination. Similiarly, when inventing the human figure -- there are too many facets to make up without doing your research first. Ok, I'm going off here, but I'm just trying to convey that reference is important, but it doesn't preclude the need of imagination and creativity...reference only eliminates the time it would take to reinvent the wheel, if that makes sense.

illuminator's picture

Jeff, thanks for the compliment. I ended up drawing about thirty thumbnails in order to find the composition I wanted. I thought the tuxedo tail 'breaking closure' on the right side of the frame was clever. However, when I took it in to the magazine they edited it out - I think it came too close to the gutter, but hey, I think it's best to mix it up as much as possible...even if it's just to keep yourself interested in what you're creating.

illuminator's picture

Thank you, I really appreciate that. I'm always glad when my intent comes through in the finished piece.

shano's picture

Gorgeous! I love your elongated figures & macabe style. Truly unique! I love it!

sarruda's picture

Beautiful detail! I had always wished that I could do pen and ink, but I never seemed to get the hang of it. Kind of weird, since I can sculpt, paint, and draw. Wonderful image, and this does intrigue me to read the story.

illuminator's picture

Thanks, Rita. The story was published in the September 2004 issue of the Leading Edge magazine: - I'm pretty sure that's it. I still need to check out your gallery...

jeffdurham's picture

I think it's a terrific drawing and I love the design; I'd like to see how it was used on the page.

Guest's picture

Daniel, Once again you've done it. This is beautiful. Your detail is amazing, as usual, especially on the spider. I hope I get a chance to see the original. Former art director

rita's picture

This looks so good -- makes me wish, I could read the book.

Art at its best.