beastmistress by xenusion


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Added: Sep 23, 2004
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prismstudios's picture

OOH,I like this one....Actually its all Nice art!!! L.

Guest's picture

Hi Marco. Wow es meramente asombroso!!!! Me quede con la boca abierta.

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I think the people in the boat are saying to themselves "oh f*ck me!" right at this moment. Love this painting!

Guest's picture

Just looking at it I feel overwhelmed I love this.

rainesz's picture

Love the way you handled the ocean. The sea monsters and waves frame the ship so well--great composition! I like the reflection of the sky in the sea.

Guest's picture

I love the detail, its truly like you were there

Guest's picture

I love the detail, its truly like you were there

vision's picture

Oh man, thats a GREAT painting.

xenusion's picture

chick (mistress) sitting on a seasnake (beast) -> mistress+beast=beast mistress

Guest's picture

Do you meant to say water travelling is that much scary ?. Most of the Ancient epics described ocean as a Male, rather you called it a mistress. I agree with you reason is only females can be furious as you dipicted. Colour mixig is Superb.

xenusion's picture

nice to see you here m8.

karin's picture

Really wonderful water!
Ah, mein English ist nicht gut genug, um es zu sagen: In dem Bild ist so viel Bewegung und Leben, dass ich beim Betrachten das Gefühl habe, es würde jeden Augenblick zum Zusammenprall zwischen den Akteueren kommen. Wunderschön! Smile))

Guest's picture

oops meant to say beasts lol

Guest's picture

my money is on the bests! Laughing out loud

xenusion's picture

thx for the comments folks.
i cant post "dying giant".it wouldnt fit to the sf/fantasy theme

Guest's picture

Thought I recognised this one. Wonderful picture - (tafkat)

jenr8r's picture

this is fantastic! wow! Great work! Smile

jeremiassen's picture

Very nice, I thought for sure it was gouache or something similar when i first saw it...

The ship seems a bit narrow though, escpecially for a sailship, might tip over rather easily... Wink

kizalon's picture

God, this is stunning! I love it, it's so powerful, realistic and finely done Smile. Great work!!

thrax-1's picture

Welcome to epilogue Uncle-xen, You have one of the most natural media digitals around imho!. Thanks for sharing! P.S please post The Dying Giant image of yours, that piece is spectacular! ^^ hehe.

jeffdurham's picture

Very strong image! I imagine seeing this on a wall about 10 feet wide and I can almost smell the oil paint! Great digital painting!

Guest's picture

i love this, great tension and power.
nice style as well not obviously digital.

rita's picture

Marco, looks like there will be a battle... You painted the scary moment very good.

pageaxe's picture

Sorry,that was me not a guest.Forgot to log on...

Guest's picture

Man,thats really nice!!!

Art at its best.