drowned by xenusion


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Added: Sep 27, 2004
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personal experiment to prove that death dont just has ugly aspects.

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kirkalberts's picture

This is one of the most haunting, most delightfully intriguing works of art I've seen in a long time. Whether she's alive or dead or already drowned or what have you...it matters not. It draws you in and captivates the viewer and makes you feel something. Amazing.

batbrat's picture

Very moving. Very beautiful.

Guest's picture

Hi, Marco. I want to extend the argument someone here had with you. I'm going to say anything with the right lighting in the right enviornment could be beautiful, your work is stunning by the way. But you said death itself takes no part to determine whether a body is prettier or not I can't agree. Although I'm not entirely on that guest's side, I'm simply just want to add that dead body, while the pale skin can be appealing at certain point, and I'm not even saying death is ugly, but live people is indeed "prettier" in many ways. The key word is "motion", it makes all the difference, dead body can't move, it stays in 1 frame forever even when time goes by, when you think of that in a long run, it's boring... . Alive people can feature different posts under different emotions while dead body can't, that million other aspects of a live person is in no part a dead person can present, that complex itself is a beauty. And when it come to dead people there is always a still moment would come to a person's mind when you first look at it. That stillness affects artwork too. Let me take your artwork for example, first of all we would all agree motion creates emotion, in your art, the motion does

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unfortunately for your title, for someone to drown they have to fill their lungs with water, which would remove the buoyancy that causes the body to float. oh well...

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dude i so get it. spiffy art man.

jonathanhunt's picture

Marco-- I love all of your work: The details, the wonderful sense of light. This piece really stands out in its simplicity and directness. Eerie and beautiful.

xenusion's picture

the death itself or the process of dying has nothing to do with the visual appearance of the person.
does it makes something ugly just coz its not alive anymore?

it may disturb you but even the death with all his forms can be visual attractive.

some wont get it and call me sick,pedophile,goth,... and some others understand

somerset's picture

I agree with, Ken, incredibly sad! yet I do so admire your fantastic artwork, Marco, your handling of the figure in relation to the water is excellent!

kenmeyerjr's picture

I had to come back and look at this one again...incredibly sad (as someone with kids), but incredibly affecting and well rendered as well.

Guest's picture

I would have to disagree with you about death. I can imagine the body in the water was much more beautiful when alive. To see something that was once alive and is now dead, is always ugly.
As far as the painting it is nice. I would like to see a painting of this person alive. Then we can compare.

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Beautiful painting Marco! The motion of the water is really nice and sensitive. The expression of his face is really appealing.. wonderful work Smile

Art at its best.