Trek to the Birdbrain by donnaquinn

Trek to the Birdbrain

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Added: Mar 11, 2007
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38 x 25.5 cm.
Most guinea pigs were happy with life the way it was. A pea-sized kernel of grey matter inside their heads dictated when to eat, when to sleep, when to eat more, when to groom, when to grab a quick snack, when to play, and finally when to eat again. Life was rich and varied for the average guinea pig.
There were exceptions. Stories were told of the great Tuffy, an enterprising cavy who had traveled for months in search of the great Birdbrain, where all the 'smart' animals like chimpanzees and back-talking parrots congregated. There he had learnt to utilise dormant talents to become the world’s greatest 'ladies man', a most honourable distinction. Another heroic character was Marbles. Not content with merely nibbling grass and staring blankly into space all day, she sought the Birdbrain to learn from its mighty trivia banks. Reaching its lair at the edge of the world, Marbles had managed not to fall off and had returned to civilisation with wondrous stories of giant brains, precipitous cliff edges and shamefully expensive hotels. Not to mention a head crammed full of useless but moderately interesting trivia tidbits. Pretty good for a small rodent with eyes on the side of her head.

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Hoot! marvellous work, Donna, both painting and story are skillfull,entertaining, fun and hillarious! Smile

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What!?! Lol. Beautiful Painting! Very Maxfield Parrish. The colors are genius.

Art at its best.