Awaiting the Night by mythmaker

Awaiting the Night

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Added: Dec 02, 2004
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Did you ever see a small lone cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky and wondered what it was doing there?!

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it's beautifull,
i'll never look at a lone cloud again
in quite the same way...

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The lighting and the mood realy caught my eye.You can realy scence the anticipation and the agerness of the dark female.

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actually, yes i have wondered what a sole cloud does in the middle of the sky....i guess this is the best answer i could get. AISHA

rw2gallery's picture

You have away with the elements...

mythmaker's picture

Cheers J.P.! - Thanks for dropping by my gallery!... umm... if you can call it that!

vengince's picture

you have a very unique style, Ive enjoyed what Ive seen so far, please post more when you can.

mythmaker's picture

Thanks! Smile

mythmaker's picture

So... you... umm... you like it then?! Wink

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Such an original idea! It's pretty unique to see an image of a night time creature during the day. I love her pose and the composition, it really gives you the feeling of anticipation. Also, that is one cool outfit!

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My name is Marissa, and I wanted to say that I LOVE THIS PIECE OF ART! It's very well done! She very much reminds me of a roleplay character I had a long while back. I believe it's a masterpiece,pay no mind to what everyone else has to say! My opinion is more important. Lol. I am an artist myself, or slowly becoming one anyway. I plan on referring to your artwork for tips. ^.^ Beautiful...

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Very well done, I would say, it is probably my favorite I have seen of yours, it is a very nice piece! Brilliant!!!!

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brilliant. its REAl nice.

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Jay at

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Well... I'm glad you like it! It's starting to look a little dated to me now, but there will be more... oh yes... THERE WILL BE MORE!!! >;D

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Now as I am again at your gallery and again I stare at this brilliant piece of fantasy art and again I wonder if there are some more pieces from you – this piece is just too good too let it be there soooo alone Wink – even pictures need some company Wink – so when will there be the next one up for us all to enjoy…
No really, this is a very, very well done picture – I’m especially in love with that cloud and the light on it – the main figure is extremely interesting, great cloth work and design – great, great work!!!
I really hope to see some more stuff from you…………

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this picture is awsome i love it its so out of the ordinary

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this is truly a great work of art, the detail in the wings make them look so soft I love this I really do and I don't give praise unless it is due!!

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Very nice work... Good movement and composition and as well as the idea Smile. Beautiful colouring in the woman and in the cloud.

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Great artwork here, my friend...nice idea and cool composition.

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Oooh! Very intrigueing! One wonders if she brings nightmares or is just out to cause some trouble. Nicely done digital painting.

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Interesting . . . very well done and I like the idea of a semi-gothic pre-night scene. Nicely done.

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Hahaha!... jeez... so much the dark and mysterious persona! Thanks, and you are welcome... Smile

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Dude, it makes me proud to be your cousin. you're really talented, and again many thanks for the album and website artwork. You are far too modest Smile

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it's a very good one, very refined.

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Hahaha... yes... I guess it is kind of uplifting! I am a big fan of colour! Smile

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As the others alrady have said, a masterpiece. I love that cloud, and the yellow light contrasting with the blueish shadows. This makes me happy.

mythmaker's picture

Thanking you kindly Mr Geos! Smile

I think 'masterpiece' is a bit strong... but you're entitled to you opinion! Wink

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Wonderful work, masterpiece indeed!

Geos aka George

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Yeah... but who are you?! Damn... I hate anonymous comments! Tongue

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Thanks. Been here a while though... just haven't posted any art before! Smile

Art at its best.