A Shadow in the Meadow by mythmaker

A Shadow in the Meadow

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Added: Nov 04, 2005
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Only in the most peaceful corners of the countryside could you find such a sight... and such a sight would likely be your last...

Some of you will have seen the original version of this - but I grew tired of trying to make it right - so I started again! Smile

I tried to paint this one with a looser, freer style. I still ended up refining the figure a lot. But I'm happier with this than I was with my original atempt.

Thanks for looking! Smile

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Thanks! Glad you like it! Smile

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This is so wonderful, it has so much movement, Fantastic!

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Thankyou! Smile Atmosphere is something I try to give a lot of thought to...

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This is such a lovely piece! You've perfectly achieved the warm, fuzzy atmosphere of a meadow on a sunny day - brilliantly off-set by the blue skin-tones of the woman. Just beautiful!

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Thanks Linda! You're very kind! Laughing out loud - I feel a bit guilty when I look at the full pic - it's got some really scribbly bits in it - definitely one to view from a distance! Wink

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The feeling in this one is unbeatable. After having clicked 'post a comment' at the bottom of the page, I scrolled back up to try to find some way to describe it... but, nah, I don't have words. I love the colours and the shapes in this one - it's stunning. Great work Smile

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Thankyou Smile

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Thanks a lot! Smile Shame you didn't leave a name...

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her soft face and deep set eyes emediatly captured me in the moment of this peice. i fell right into your amazing composition, color, and texture right away!what i love the most also is that at 1st glance you HAVE to look again and i myself observed more and more new and intersting things: added detail is great. continue INSPIRING

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This is absolutly beautiful. I love the way her wings look so real, kinda downy like. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
love & light

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Pfeh!... Is that all?!... Couldn't it wait?! Tongue

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Sorry, Siravalenta - but had to save a life first! Smile

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Thanks Simon - Means a lot! Smile I do think I'm progressing, though I usually need a bit of time after I finish a painting before I start to like it (the refining wears me down!)...hmm... perhaps now I'm ready for something... umm.. Spectacular! ;D

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Thanks Rita... but shame on you! - Pierre commented first!! Wink

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It really is quite rough and unrefined up close - I used the strokes more to describe the form, and threw in lots of texture. But viewed at this size it pulls together! Smile

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Very nice, certainly your best yet. The subtle movement and the effect of light and shade really add to the piece. A Baron's Pick for this one.

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Thanks Pierre. The approach was quite different with this one - I was playing around with the paint instead of carefully illustrating every blade of grass - I tried to simulate that complex randomness found in nature... or... something.

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Most wonderful - really love it Smile

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I never saw the original version, but this is just excellent. I agree with Pierre, the detail in the grass alone is just incredible, great color/lighting and rendering on everything. Fantastic painting.

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I saw the original version in the WIP. It was gorgeous. But this one in simply astounding ! The grass is amazing.

Art at its best.