Phoenix - Painted Feather by windfalcon

Phoenix - Painted Feather

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Added: May 21, 2007
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A painted feather commission for someone who wanted a feather with a phoenix. Of course, I was quite happy to do this one, being a bird fanatic and all.

I decided to go for the more traditional idea of a phoenix, not as a bird made of fire, but rather one that bursts into flame at the end of its life, and rises from its ashes anew.

This was my first attempt at painting on a large turkey tail feather, and I must say, I rather like these.

Acrylic on turkey feather.

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Pierre asked a similar question - I commented on his question with an explanation above. As for the color, well...I just use lots and lots of layers of acrylic paint. Painting on these feathers has really opened my eyes to the importance of layering! Thanks for your comment!

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The way I was able to paint in the feather without the vein coming apart (it's held together by tiny barbs) is by a technique I learned from another feather painter. You take fixatif and spray a little on the feather. This helps keep the vein from becoming 'unzipped.' Then, when you put your first layer of paint on and it dries, it pretty much keeps the feather together as 'glue.' I use acrylic, since it dries faster and I doubt the feather would be able to survive being coated in oil paint. You should try it out! Just be careful which feathers you get. All bird of prey and most migratory bird feathers are illegal to own. I use turkey feathers, though you can also use domestic goose feathers, peacock wing feathers, and certain parrot feathers as well.

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Superb skill, Brenda, how on earth do you do that? and yet you still manage to retain such amazing detail and depth of colour...beautiful and unusual work! I salute you! Smile

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It is an amazing work indeed. I always loved to paint on various and unexpected bases, like bones, stone and the like. But I never tried feathers. It is a marvelous idea. Now, one thing I would like to know: how do you make paint stable and durable on such a deformable medium ?

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you did a quite impressive job! this is very original and the phoenix looks great!

Art at its best.