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Peace and Inspiration

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Added: Aug 18, 2005
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And she cradled the light to her, stood upon her wild tree of flight and dreams. Inspiration danced about her, thoughts and ideas in rest gently illuminating the budding fruts of her tree. For here, in the place beyond all others, she waits, her eyes closed against the harshness of her own world, enveloped in the alluring everness of a violet haze. Here alone she felt at peace. Here alone she could be herself. Here alone, she felt free.


Watercolours, time taken: about 30 - 40 hours.

This piece was a commission who asked me to create something in a simlar style to Stephanie Pui Mun Law, whose incredibly helpful tutorial did me no end of wonders. The pale pastel pinks and purples aren't my usual style, but worth the end result I think.

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johncarter's picture

Stephanie is one of my favorites, and you successfully captured her style while contributing some beautiful touches of your own.

Guest's picture

your use of pastel's and light are great!

Guest's picture

Gorgeous! Love your use of colour its amazing! ~Dani~

zephyri's picture

I love painting details, I have to say, and any more than 40 hours and I'd have probably given up! My thanks for the kind words.

zephyri's picture

thanks rita!

zephyri's picture

Hey fellow deviant, thank you!

zephyri's picture

high praise indeed! Thank you ever so much.

juliadamm's picture

Oh It look like you work on it more than 30-40 h !! So Great !! so many Details !!! I like the "three".She reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood.
Very awesome !!!

rita's picture

Yeah, reminds me to Steph, too. So, it is beautiful Smile

norchogane's picture

Heh, I just saw this on dA yesturday.
It's still awesome. Especially all the swirls and different lighting.

Guest's picture

When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it WAS Stephanie Pui Mun Law, so, IMHO, you've succeeded quite well in capturing her style and her soft palette. Lovely piece - thank you so much for sharing.

nbertran's picture

SO beautiful!

Art at its best.