Wind in the pine trees by maffet

Wind in the pine trees

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Added: Mar 26, 2006
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A3 size, painted for cover of fantasy adventurous book. Story is classical - groupe of heroes traveling to hidden temple, but writer put it to ancient China. I do from time to time pictures in chinese style just for my joy, so I was really happy that I can do this work and I enjoyed each detail. There are some small details which could be done better way, some little mistakes but it's hard to repair watercolor, but if I take it in general, I am happy with that Smile

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thank you so much. I think I have there little trouble with perspective. But I tried to hide it by adding more plants Smile I have to admit that I suprised myself with this picture specialy with bridge and water. I usually use strange technique of dark backround and heavy watercolor so it looks like oil, but this was really clear watercolor. (Lol ... a lot of masking fluid) Smile

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water color?!? Holy crap! You are the GOD of water color! Mistakes? where!?!?

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Laughing out loud

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that is above and beyond awesome, jana. Great composition, and the fact that this is watercolour is really impressive. I'd dearly love to be able to illustrate like this in this medium.

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Smile Thank you Kay. Btw. you can, I was looking at your pictures and I really like face from Past Smile I mostly did heavy watercolors with acryl underpainting, but this is clear watercolor. I had no idea how to use medium lightly and keep light. But watercolor people from were so helpful to me and also great school is Alan Lee's pictures.

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Hello Rita ... lovely to see you, I am glad you like this painting. Smile You know I am still learning and trying something new.

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What a beautiful piece of work! I love the muted colours and the Chinese influence on your style.

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This is absolutely gorgeous. I could stare at this for hours . . . the water, the foliage. This is the sort of watercolor I how I can do someday!

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Awesome work, Jana

rita's picture

I am happy, too! Its so charming! The distance and depth is wonderful and your colors are great! Overall a wonderful painting!

Art at its best.