Desert Night by maffet

Desert Night

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Added: Apr 10, 2006
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This picture was pure experiment with new technique. I used brown pastel paper {burn sienna) and worked mainly with watercolors.(Really! Smile I did test with pigments which shine over darker background before I stareted this - so mainly heavy milky colors. This time I kept medium clean and I didnt use any white acryl. I had nice results but work was hard because I still had to know which pigments I have to use and I couldnt use some my favorite colors. Size is A2 - so one from my biggest pictures. It's cover for historical fantasy book. I used myself as model for girl but man is from memory. Another reason why I choose so difficult topic was .... I wanted to learn how to paint smoke, wind, sand and fire.

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some of this pictures remind me Eragon(the book,because the movie is horrible)
they are so fantastic..i will like to live in a world like it!

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There is something about this piece that is evocative of Henri Rousseau.. a painter I very much like.
lovely work!

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Hello Rita Smile Thank you for wanderful words. As for paper. I choosed carefully more heavy and smooth paper. But some rough surface is still there so I use other side of paper which is smoother. Pastel paper also need better stretching on drawing board because it drinks water more than aquarel paper and it's easy to destroy it by adding too much water, so I use 200gr rather than usuall 160gr. (But it's hard to find it) Some small roughness on surface is not problem, because I use heavy colors and this technique is a bit agressive than usuall watercolor on white paper. I used similar thing when I was doing pictures of animal in chinese style, so logic of technique is not new to me, but I never did it in such a complex way to reach full color effect.

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Jses cim dal lepsi Jani

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And you succeeded! You got everything just wonderful! You had no problems with the rough surface of the pastelpaper?

Art at its best.