Dragon of the Reef by carlalee

Dragon of the Reef

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Added: Sep 25, 2005
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Artwork Description

Prismacolor Marker and Colored Pencil on Bristol board
17in x 14in
This stunning creature prefers the deeper coral beds, along warm coastal regions. The Reef dragon feeds off of a wide range of sea animals, including plankton, some fish, and crestations It has been witnessed to eat small to medium sized turtles as well. Its broad, flat teeth are perfect for cracking open shells of various animals to get to the soft, meaty parts. This dragon is a smaller variety, but can grow large in its later years. The larger they get, the deeper into the ocean they move, preferring to stay out of site of humans. It is thanks to humans for creating false reefs that this dragon has flourished in the past several years, its numbers almost doubling, due to the amount of space they now have.

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What can I say? I agree with Sabra. Great design, great idea... great work! Once again, keep it up!

krumm33's picture

I love how you did this, the design is wonderful, and so colorful.

Art at its best.