Ravnica - City Of Guilds - Master Warcraft by boroszikszai

Ravnica - City Of Guilds - Master Warcraft

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 18, 2005
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Work for Magic The Gathering

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this is certainly one of my favourites on all epilogue. very, very great.

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Okay, I knew this just had to be from the Magic card game! No other group of artists work so masterfully with acrylic paints...

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We have many card artwork what has not released yet! Just check the upcoming expansion sets! Thank you...

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This is great work, one of the best i've ever seen from you =) i love your art... you guys just make some awsome magic cards. There is so much detail!

In the pic who is Zoltan and who is Gabor? lol joking =) It looks amazing... Congratz to both on your amazing art!! I hope i see MUCH more work of you in the next magic set ^^ seriously you guys rock.

boroszikszai's picture

A little bigger than A/4.

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outstanding work! what size are the originals?

boroszikszai's picture

This is worthwile to work and live to impress people. And as we did impressed You, Uwe, it was already worthwhile....

boroszikszai's picture

All acrylic in the sence that the basis is painted by hand all details... And after scanning we use a touch of Painter but aways keep the "taste" of hand-made.

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"Boros-Szikszai" names that one should not forget! There is a lot of great work in Epilogue, and sometimes you can find some real diamonds here, your guys work definitely belongs to the diamonds! It’s a shame I didn’t know your work before, so I’m really glad you posted your absolutely outstanding art here in this gallery. From now on I will follow your work as you two are definitely going to my personal favorite artists! It is such a joy to view your unbelievable work.
As I’m a very nosy guy I really would love to know how you work, do you work together on a piece, one does the drawing the other the coloring? Would really be interested.
Now I better go to work trying learn something, as your work showed me how far I have to go before I can call myself an artist. Thanks for your art, I’m deeply impressed!!!

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Nice style, solid yet detailed, and you use colours very harmoniously. Good job!

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The "Boros-Szikszai" is the "name" in Hungary more than 15 years ago. We are working on it, the name will be talking in the future in other countries.
Two different name, two different man. The target and the work is ONE. We can do it together.
(Sorry for the terrible kitchen-english for once and all!)

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WOW Amazing works indeed, I looked at all the works you do have on your gallery, and the art in the Magic the Gallering game always intereste me and I found it to be wonderfull, the fact that some of the artists for it are here are epilogue is great! I love the work you guys do. Please keep posting more

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flippin heck. there is untold hours into this piece, congrats to you both on this.

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I looked over your gallery and I'm really stunned! You're amazing!! I can't believe these all are acrylic! Congratulations =)

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Awesome work - so realistic - love it

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I assume that there are two artists working as a team to create these? Or do you have two different names that you go by? Just curious. Awesome work!

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Every peice in your gallery is outstanding, but this is by far my favorite. Please tell me that this will be made available as a print or poster...I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

Wonderful work!

Art at its best.