MtG: Timespiral - Magus of the Jar by boroszikszai

MtG: Timespiral - Magus of the Jar

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 25, 2006
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It made to a Magic the Gathering expansion set. A postapocaliptic fantasy world with timedelays and dying wastelands.

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Thanks!!! Thanks for the reply! You guys are so cool for taking the time to reply! And one more thing, is one of you an actor !?! I swore I saw "Zoltan Boros" in the credits of a foreign film. If that's true, WOW! Not only are you an awesome artist, but an actor too! Now I'm really jealous! (joking, I'm not jealous, but I am envious)

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Hello Christopher! About our workflow: We have a "brainstorming" discussion about the concepts and ideas before the sketch phase. Then we make some sketches (with pencils and digital colors) to show our visions to the art directors. Then at first we start to paint it with traditional mediums (pencil, pen, acrylics) and at last we use digital tools (Painter, Photoshop) if it neccessary. Both of us use traditional and digital mediums, and both of us have concepts, sketches for the final artwork. So these pieces are a kind of synthesis of two induvidual minds. We accept each other's critical remarks and observations and try to make use of each other's strengths.

That's it... Smile

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In your team, who does what? does Zoltan, or Gabor focus on backgrounds? Or, conversely, who does the foreground figures? Does one sketch the image and the other paint it? Just curious, you two are obviously a fantastic, and very inspiring team. Thanks for posting.

Art at its best.