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Added: Mar 10, 2006
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Vampires don't fly

Hello everyone"" ^o^
One more weird drawing for you to see, and I keep with my crazy titles

I'll try to explain a bit the drawing, hum... these are characters from my crazy story, it's called VAMPIRES DON'T FLY, I know it's a really crazy name ^o^, they are vampires from a higher category that is extinct, they don't have powers and abilities like a common vampire, but they have a great power of manipulation against normal vampires.
They consume vampire's blood, and they have fun with that where the elegant Perceval seduces and the insane Maubem attacks and kills the victms. It's not a story of bad agaist would be more like a fun way of get your food like have fun eating

It's really a silly story!!
Hope you like the drawing ^o^

See you!!

Canson A4 paper
Mechanical pencil o,3 HB very old ^__^
Brush 0,1 and 16 both are crappy!!

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I wrote a book about Vampires, and im looking for a suitable cover for my book, but all i have seen were mediocre, if you have the time i would like you to draw me something, if you are interested please contact me via my email thank you.

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i've been paiting for two years and i still can't paint any person. this is cool.

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im wondering if this is an actually book because if it is i would like to read it =] very much would I.

<33 btw I'm loving the picture =]

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The colouring is great!!!

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nices picher

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I wish there was more sexual vampire pics cause it is sexy!

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I really like this. Great character designs Smile

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nice work!

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I love ur picture i am fan of vampires. Let me ask u why this same girl is everywhere in ur pictures? Is she victum of them?I just curious about this blond girl. I really love ur picture and hope u make new one soon!

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This is beautiful. The story idea behind it is great.

Art at its best.