The Slayer's Guide to Undead by cquilliams

The Slayer's Guide to Undead

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 18, 2006
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This was a slayer's guide for the undead written by Gary Gygax and was a great experience putting all these creatures on one cover. Although I had a hard time not creating any congruencies with so many elements. I tried a lighting effect through the stain glass using photoshop, now I'ld probably just use my airbrush.

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Got to compliment you bout that ceiling and windows totally awesome!!!

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holey moley...those guys are freaky man....but i luve it!

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nicely done. the lighting is great, the man without a lower jaw looks fantastic. keep up the good work!

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Nice! Vivid and realistic. Keep up the good work!

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wow dude this is great! takes me back to my D&D days

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your work is fantastically detailed and coloured,
an airbrush would be great for the light, but don't give up on photoshop just yet, it will come
wonderful, thank you for creating it!

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gah.. nitpicking me... sorry about the completely irrelevant post, but I noticed a mistake after posting the last :-/
was supposed to be '...of the guy to THE right.' (correction in caps)

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I admit, I know practisoddingly nothing about art, but I can definitely see how this made EP. Especially love the detail with the head in the chest of the guy to right.

what I'm trying to say is, in the words of another who commented here; GREAT work! Wink

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This one should be inside a Diablo user's guide! hehehehe You're really good at what you do.

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very detailed, i love it - anya

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well there is no doubting that this is truly magnificent, what an amazing amount of work Laughing out loud.

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LOL Thanks!

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AAaacck! The amount of work that went into that ceiling! Aaaack! And there's a dude! A dude in that guy's chest! Bleaarrg! But wait, at least the Ed's gave you a pick on this one! and I agree! So therefore, I will do something unprecedented!! You shall receive two "!!!CHRIS PICKS!!!" from me in one day!!! Unbeleievable! Fantastic work!

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i love everything about this piece! the creatures and the elaborate gothic architecture are extremely well done; GREAT work!

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Awesome work - and I enjoy this unusual angle.

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Well deserved Chris. This may be the finest I have seen yet!

Art at its best.