The Royal Hunt of the Titans by cquilliams

The Royal Hunt of the Titans

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This was used in Slaine the RPG. One custom that differs considerabbly from other tribes is the Fir Domain's tradition of the Royal Hunt. The King must ensure he makes the most impressive kill. He must be the best.

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love a quote form the slaine comic from 2000AD the havest failed so the old king was thrown from a cliff it was tough at the top in the celtic world of slaine

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It's funny that you mention the kings legs, I actually had the feet in the downward position at first and it was just taking away from the tension that I wanted, it just felt to relaxed for that type of turning position. When I changed the leg to what it is now it really made a world of difference.

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My only quibble are the king's left foot and his horse's reaction to the bear. When riding without stirrups the toe generally points down, it's too tiring otherwise. The horse should be panicked by now too. You might laugh at this, but F. Remington and E. Delacroix did the best job ever of showing riders on panicked horses with and without saddles. I love how you included the little guy with the tomahawk and plaid kilt in the two illos. Does he 'get' to be king? His will be a long, stable, and sane rule?

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I'm guessing if he shows any sign of weakness then he'll get killed off, such as not making the largest kill. This culture is more than a little nuts I must say. Smile

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all your pen and ink is perfectly balanced.

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"The king must ensure he makes the most impressive kill. He must be the best." Thus ensuring the high king turnover rate! Great job on the horse and rider. The anatomy and angle of the horse and rider's bodies as they go into the turn are perfect.

Art at its best.