Hippogriff by cquilliams


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Added: Nov 09, 2006
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Like a gryphon but with the hindquarters of a horse. Really like this combination and due to the horse combo it's really fast on the ground as well as the air.

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Thanks, can't believe I made that mistake. Smile

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Great painting, except you said they had the forequarters of a horse. This has the forequarters of a lion and the HINDQUARTERS of a horse.

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A griffin is the cross between a lion and an eagle, a hippogriff has the added forquarters of a horse. Which is really what makes the difference.

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Good work, love the background
however, isn't this a griffin? not of hippogriff?

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Although I some what agree with you S J Games were very specific with what they wanted. Smile

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Chris, this is great! I love the background you have done, it really works well.

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I don't think humans would have made it had those things been around during our early development. Lol .Great work as always! Wink

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The hippogryphs like their gryphon cousins always had the front quarters being eagle talons. This is a very nice picture too though.

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Beautiful work, Chris

Art at its best.