Symbols of Earth by csmartinez

Symbols of Earth

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Added: Jul 29, 2006
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One of the Five Elements of existance ... Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. To purchase prints of this work, please visit my website at

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No, I'm not Wiccan ... but thank you for the blessing!

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you're a wicca aren't you?than...Bless you,sister!

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So so beautiful! I love everything about this painting Smile

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So So beautiful! I love everything about it Smile

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In dovet adoration of your work, and sincerity in feeling of the nuances...sometimes strong...delicate.. complicated...divine...simple I make a sugestion. Maybe you could incorporate into your creation a latina. It would make my ego soar!

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Your watercolor paintings are just beautiful, Carol! With all the excellent attention to detail, it would be great to see some close-up images of your work. Smile

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Thank you for the compliments! It's actually just copper paint on the numerals. The text is done with about 5 different colors of watercolor & colored pencils and is a poem I wrote about Earth.

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A gorgeous painting! Love the dew drops on the ivy and the luscious red rose. And those startling blue eyes really stand out! Did you use gold/ copper leaf for the Latin numerals and text?

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These paintings are 18" x 18". Guess I should put that in the details, shouldn't I? Smile

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These are beautiful, you say there are symbols in the eyes? Wow. What size are the original paintings?

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Thank you yet again, James, for your wonderful comments! I wish you could see the detail in the eyes in each painting. They all have symbols within them, too. Earth has the planet Earth, Water has a cresting ocean wave, Fire has rings of fire, Air has reflected clouds, and Spirit has the Yin Yang symbol.

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Another beautifully painted piece in your excellent elemental series, Carol, superb details throughout, love those rich vivid colours too!

Art at its best.