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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 12, 2008
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Artwork Description

This ball-point pen drawing is about friendship and tolerance between various kinds of life. We are together.=)

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ladydragonia's picture

Are you a fan of Rodney Mathews? Your picture reminds me of his artworks. I love it!

Guest's picture

This work just stood out and leapt through my computer screen and seared itself into my brain! I loved this...well more than that actually.I experienced a feeling of total delight. I think the subject matter is fantastic.I felt bathed in the story and so curious about the figures....and the pen work !!!! I'm speechless ! So beautiful and unexpected ! WONDERFUL in every way !!! (post by cassandra )

saiklor's picture

I adore the shapes and sizes you've incorporated in the parts of this drawing. The unexpected little bird, the magical components blended seamlessly with the more mundane aspects. VERY well done.

eldar's picture

Hi! Thank you!
Yes, this technique of ball point drawing takes a lot of time. When I read your comment I thought: I drew not vainly.

cc-1's picture

This is ball point pen? Stunning! The composition is fluid and harmonious. I like the contrast of the nude figure with the clothed figure. The insects with instruments theme interests me very much. Very strong imagery. Wow...well done!

Art at its best.