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Added: Jun 08, 2008
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Characters featured here: Meguia and Kojisai. When Meguia was human (yes she is a vampire) she had a crush on Kojisai but he went away for training. That was when she was turned. Everyone in the village simply thought she had died and so did Koji-kun when he came back. The truth was that she was taken to another country with the vampire who turned her. Life went on. She actually became extremely powerful and succeeded in killing the one who turned her (her master) and taking over his castle and minions. Koji of course being the prodigy that he was continued with his training. Then the war broke out. Humans on the one side were growing desperate and they decided to make an alliance with the vampire who ruled the darkness in that country, which happened to be Meguia. She agreed because they offered her plenty of blood and land in the conquered territories. Koji of course went to war as well. Meguia was overseeing her minions in battle when she saw one person somehow taking them all down effortlessly. At first she was intrigued and a little angry, but then she recognized the individual as her human crush, Koji-kun. I wont go into the rest of what happens. For now, that can be up to your imagination.

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Wow, great job! It looks professional!

Art at its best.