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Added: May 25, 2011
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My version of a Wendigo. She was a normal person that resorted to cannibalism at some point turning her into a monster. In most versions of Wendigo legend, no matter how much the Wendigo eats they are always starving. She's constantly on the hunt for new victims. Some legends say that the Wendigo fears fire so I wanted to go with an overall icy look. I wanted to put the veining on the chest to show that her heart is the coldest part of her body and the ice on the rocks to show that she can freeze things at will. Could be useful to store body parts for later meals when it's hard to find new ones. Most Wendigo stories have the reasoning for the inital cannibalism that caused the transformation being a group of people stranded somewhere cold ,such as the mountains, without food. I initially was considering painting her nude, but decided to go with clothes to show there's some human left inside her.

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