Nalath, the Ukranian Beaksnout by Niinui

Nalath, the Ukranian Beaksnout

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Added: Oct 08, 2013
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Artwork Description

Original sculpture made of Klean Klay, this is a resin cast, primed in grey.

The sculpture stands 12.5" (31.75 cm) tall, including base.

This is an original sculpture by Lisa Schindler.

Nalath is a young Ukrainian Beaksnout from the mystic Valley of Ghosts; a valley that stretches along the Dmerdzhi Mountain - a rocky part of the Cimean Mountain Range that falls off steeply into the Black Sea on its western slopes.
Beaksnouts are a rather rare breed of dragons that not many people know about. Part of that is because they have mastered the art of hiding away from prying eyes, and thus are seldom seen by anyone.
Nalath likes to hide in the dense fog that wafts through the deep trenches of the valley and between the mountains and it is extraordinarily difficult to spot him.
He, just like all dragons of his breed, can see in the dark and hears a mosquito sneeze from over three hundred yards away. They of course can spit fire, but they rarely do so unless they are cornered and have no other choice - otherwise they would be giving their carefully kept secret position away far too easily, which would be a shame, since they manage to take off and fly away almost without making any noise.
Beaksnouts have never been a huge population of dragons as they are loners, but since they are capable of living for over 800 years they have always managed to be around one way or another.
Their beak-shaped nose is harder than a usual dragon snout. For one it helps them gather food in sometimes sharp crevices of the rocks, but most importantly it can be a very useful defense weapon if they do not want to spit fire. Contrary to popular belief, Beaksnouts are not aggressive and would never attack anyone that does not wish them or their keep any harm.
They are the keepers of the forest and were always cherished for the way they made sure no one disrupted or destroyed this magical landscape.

Nalath is one of the few of this rare breed of dragons that have inhabited the Valley of Ghosts since the beginning of time. Once feared but also venerated by the people who lived in the Crimean Mountains, the Beaksnout Dragon has fallen victim to modernization and mankind gathering in large cities all across the globe. Mankind has all but forgotten about this unusually gentle breed of dragon that quietly inhabits the mountains and most likely will still roam the slopes of the valley when mankind has long gone.

It is planned to offer unpainted kits for sale that will require assembly and paint of course. Once I figure out how to ship an assembled piece without the postal service destroying it on the way (some packages really arrive rather horrid looking...) there will be painted versions available for sale.

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