The Burning Man by Xiophili

The Burning Man

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Added: Dec 25, 2014
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Pan in greek mythology, was the god of the wild, pastures and rustic music. He is often represented as a horned faun.
Pan is often associated with panic and fear that befalls travellers in the woods. He is said to invoke this panic to protect

My piece is called the burning man because I developed a character inspired by pan as well as the psychological concept of
the Shadow. The shadow is a jungian archetype that symbolises repressed emotions, thoughts and memories as well as our
deepest fears, and weaknesses. The shadow also represents the mysteries concealed deep inside our psyches from our
conscious minds.

The Burning Man is a mysterious entity that appears to anyone experiencing a severe psychological breakdown or crippling fear.
He is the ghost inside your head. He appears the same to everyone around the world, a silhouetted human figure with massive
intricate elk horns. He makes no sound, and makes no attempt to communicate. The Burning Man merely stares, slowly entangling
his victim in his massive horns like a rapidly growing tree until....they are gone

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