Kolonia, the Black City by BluMiu

Kolonia, the Black City

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Kolonia was built by the Penumbra after their kingdom of Lithavania was destroyed when Viennri Iris tried to take the throne from his brother, Requiem. Many escaped though casualties were high and the once great people that ruled western Catheel were pushed out by the Huema. Weak and distraught, the elders of the people moved them deep into the mountains of Wes Borders and began the endeavor of forging a new home from the black rock.

A massive tower standing at 3,000 ft tall and over 1,000 ft at its widest, the Penumbra used both magic and might to carve away the ebon marbut structure into its current fashion. It was a curious design choice even for them, but it was intended to act more as a continuous generator for the paling hiding the settlement, its arcane patterning of structures placement and streets amplifying this.

Not including the bourgeois districts below, Kolonia consists of five tiers. The first is the market districts and provision storage. Second tier belongs to the artisan guilds' "floating" isles and performance arte establishments. Third tier is the largest and divided into its own levels, home to the gentry and officials of Kolonia; the universities, libraries and few private businesses are located here. The fourth tier are a collection of government buildings, archives for the relics of Lithavania and burial hall for the Penumbra; since the Gravuzie Plague, wards have been constructed to house victims for treatment and many suspect study. The last tier belongs to the Red Council, the founding elders of the people and the largest facilities and schools of magic and sciences.

There are many more mysteries of Kolonia rumored to lie underground beyond the web of catacombs, though none have confirmed this, restricted by the Red Council.

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