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Once upon a time, a fisherman accidentally caught a mermaid in his net. It was love at first sight. A romance ensued. Alas, it was short lived, for they soon realized they had some incompatible body parts. Unable to consummate their relationship, the mermaid lost interest, visited less frequently and finally all but disappeared into the deep blue. The fisherman got deep in his bottles to slake the thirst of his unrequited love.

He also tried to lose himself in his trade, but one eye was always scanning the coast or the horizon for a glimpse of his beloved. Nevertheless, he managed to haul in enough of the sea's bounty to afford his own boat. He also purchased a small shack from which to sell his goods. He became a merchant, a fishmonger. And as you might imagine, having dated a mermaid afforded him a small degree of local fame. So business was quite good.

Fishing and drinking, drinking and fishing; Months turned into years. Despite his moderate material wealth, his heart was still destitute. He still scoured the sea for his long lost sweetheart. One day he caught a magical fish. It pled to be thrown back in and offered to grant a wish in exchange for its freedom. The piscator wished to be half fish, the mermaid would surely take him back then! The fish explained that such a transformation would take some time, but was let go with the monger's confidence.

Days became weeks and the fishmonger realized the err of his wish. His drunken tongue hadn't specified which half of his body was to be morphed into a fish. It was apparent from the scales forming on his cheeks, the magic fish had magicked the wrong half. The malice of this enchantment was obvious, the fish wished to avenge his brethren who had been baked, stuffed, chipped and chowdered throughout the years. So, the fishmonger swore his own vengeance. His love of the sea became a lust for salty blood.

(There are plenty of fish in the sea, make sure you have the right tackle.)

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