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Fit into the System

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Added: Mar 16, 2018
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Fit into the System

We all life in world where every place has it's very own "System". I myself had the luck to be born and raised in one of those so called industrialized countries, so I don't have to suffer from hunger. Not everyone had this luck, so I'm thankful for that. BUT - everything seems to be about money and consumption here. People seem to be willing to do just everything for that and the System does everything that people are willing to do everything. It starts with school, do you really learn there or is it just to get you functional for the system. I mean if I really would know everything I should have learned there, I would be a genius! No one there is looking for your talents or interests - The teachers just have to teach you the teaching material that is on the curriculum, day by day, year by year till you get your graduation. So what you do is to learn for the next test to get a more or less good grade and forget about it - learn for the next and forget about it, well you got my point.
And we do it to get a good job! And we are perfectly trained to be functional in a job. We do that job every day 40 hours a week 40 years even if we hate it. So we can buy all that nice plastic stuff, the mobile-phone every two years, the car (well we don't earn enough for a car so we go to the bank and take out a loan), same with the house and all the other stuff that the media suggests us to buy as we need it soooo much for our life...
Now take a second and think about your dreams when you've been a kid...
We fit so much into the system, there is no time for dreams, no time for creativity, no time... we fit into the system till there's not much left of us...
It might be that it has to be that way, that's probably life - however - thoughts like that I had in mind when I painted this picture.
How a system assimilates us more and more till we perfectly fit and nothing is left...
Hope you like and maybe something to think about.

Thanks for stopping by - have an awesome time,

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