Dreamcatchers by puimun


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Added: Jul 19, 2000
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There is a native american legend in which an Elder had a vision. He was instructed by Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, in the form of a spider, of the cycles of life. As Ikotomi spoke, he spun a web across the Elder's willow hoops, and from this created a dreamcatcher web. The elder passed on his vision to his people. Dreamcatchers are hung above one's bed or in the home to sift dreams and visions. The good of dreams are captured in the web of life and carried with you .... but any bad dreams escape through the center hole. At any rate, that was the inspiration for this picture. What came of it is something entirely of its own, with its own life and story.

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this picture is just amazing!! i make dreamcatchers in south africa. very differant to any i have seen on the net.im vallkor by the way.my mum is going to do her nut when she checks this picture,its just beautiful.

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Thank you very much Marie! This is one of my earliest watercolors actually.

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This is the first time that I have visited this site and yet I have immensely enjoyed looking through your work, but this has to be my favourite picture. The tones and shades seem a lot bolder. There is something very unique about your work, it differs very much to the usual fantasy art I see.

*Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind?*


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I had a wonderful time while looking at your art! It is very magical and dream-like...Actually I saw a T-shirt with the faery-print here recently! Kind of cool, because I live in Sweden...too big for me, unfortunately...That was it. I love all of your work!

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Your art is magical! You capture it in all of your work.

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Amazing i luv this picture its soo beautiful and calm

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So we meet again !
My God I love this picture, it's so elegant! I wish you posted a larger one so we could see the details.
This means war once again ! Laughing out loud
signed: Killer Pudding

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what you can do with watercolors is amazing. how do you do it?! ...feel free to tell me anytime!

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I meant Froud... damn typo's..

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I love this one ~ the colors are awesome. It reminds me of B. Foulds work, yu are both incredible.

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My wife made an interesting comment on seeing the pictures Icon, she thought that it looked like a baby in the womb....wonderous Composition!

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I think it's amazing the way the colors are used in this painting to convey the mood so well. I love the surreal, dreamlike qualities of this piece.

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I first saw this piece on elfwood and I continue to be mesmerized by it! A fine work.

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Amazing, delicate and plain beatiful work, also romantic, very romantic.

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I am totally impressed by this piece.
Where can I get a print????????

Steve Ferris

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this pitchure is one of the most amazing peices of art that i have ever seen! your artwork is like poetry tied up into a pitchure, and i love it.

Art at its best.