Prince of Lights by puimun

Prince of Lights

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Added: Nov 12, 2000
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The Archangel Uriel - "Fire of God." Or the "Regent of the Sun" as Milton calls him. The angel of salvation, presider over hell, and guardian of the Gate of Eden....

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im still working on something like this, its of Lucifer, not Satan. the "morning star". 6 wings and all.

rainesz's picture

I love all your work! I also love the swirling shapes you incorporate in your compositions. Uriel's robes and feathers in this one are nicely rendered and his unique halo is really cool!

puimun's picture

They are meant to be multiple wings, and that was the part I had the most fun with.

One of these days I will pick up Paradise Lost again!

sphinxmuse's picture

Absolutely beautiful. I love the mutliple wings (as well as the fact that you obviously are familiar with wing structure) - or are they intended to visually show a progressive growth of wings?

I too made it partway through Paradise Lost (I had to read sections of it for my Brit Lit Honors class). I do intend to finish one day!

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This painting was vexing me a bit in chat and I kept thinking about it(good sign). I found the wings confusing...Then I realized the wings are in motion...right?...was that intentional?...IRC Nick...NolitaDenise

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I love angels and this one is wonderfull.It's amazing beautifull!

thrax-1's picture

i'd love to be able to paint like u feel good at being able to capture your imagination.with what looks like relative ease?

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Just lovely!
Some of your work reminds me a bit of Susan Seddon Boulet (earlier period). Has she influenced you?

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I love your artworks! the wings and the design of the background (walls?) are gorgeus ...really great!


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This painting just enthralls me - there's a wonderful amount of detail, and so much to discover within this painting! I find myself torn between wanting to run to Uriel and comfort him and being paralyzed by awe! Just beautitul!

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This has always, always been my fovorite of yours. I love the way you depict the gates of Eden. and how it's dark around the edges and when when gets to eden it's light. Amazing work, water collors are hard to work with.

puimun's picture

Tough work being an angel

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I really like this one, but he looks real sad like he's mourning or something. Why?!?!;_;

puimun's picture

Heh...well, actually I never was able to get myself to read it either. Been -meaning- to for a long time, but you're's not exactly light reading.

frodo's picture

I tried reading Milton onces(Paradise Lost), but I found I was a little too light weight for it ....great picture Step!

wolverat's picture

Beatifuly done. The amount of detail is amazing. You've really got watercolor mastered. Thanks for the inspiration!

Art at its best.