Bridge of Wings - Where He Waits by puimun

Bridge of Wings - Where He Waits

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Added: Jan 02, 2001
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The image is from a Chinese tale of the Herder Boy and the Weaver Girl, who were so in love that they neglected their duties and were thus seperated by the gods (they are stars in the sky). They are only allowed to meet one night a year, and that is when all the birds fly across to create a bridge between the Herder Boy's and the Weaver Girl's stars. This bridge of wings forms the Milky Way.

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I believe your work is probably one of my very favorites within epilogue. The otherworldly feel you convey is extremely potent. I like potent art. I am by no means a professional critic, nor am I all that great an artist, but as someone who really truly loves art, I must relate just how much I enjoy your style. The technique and simple adeptness one uses can only encompasses so much. Learning how to draw or paint only takes a person so far. It is what makes good artist into a great one. A great artist cant use what they know to really "create" something, giving it a soul so to speak. It is the soul of your art that is so captivating. Perhaps I am biased for I enjoy fantastical imagery and oriental themes as well as mythology, but I believe it goes beyond mere preference. You truly have a gift for breathing life into absence, and making the fantastic tangible.

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I love the story behind it ~ it makes it even more special. The colors are awesome, and there are -so- much details i'm afraid i'll overlook somethin, and i dont wanna b hold back from true beauty. It's awesome

Art at its best.