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Added: Jul 30, 2000
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Whose dream is it not to be an equal in the company of lions, and to lie with them on the red earth in anticipation of the night...

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beautiful artwork a pleasure to view

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Oh wow, I liove it, this is what I'm talking about, I am hypnotized by your work it is definitely flawless, WOW!! Thank you for graciously sharing your genuinely superb creations

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I love all of your work, Johanna, but this piece has a very special meaning for me. When I look at this all I can think of is Joy and George Adamson, George especially, and the irony surrounding him. He began his relationship with these great cats by killing them, and in the end, he lost his life protecting

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Hello Erin,

Thank you for your kind comments in regards to my piece Lyonesse. There are killer whales in this piece, and one of them swims into the lioness' ear, the other orca can be found swimming out the girls' hair at the right.
The rings and threads are present to 'connect' the subjects, to give them a 'tangible' connection. I have used this in many of my pieces in the past, I guess it runs deep, a search for 'connections' in my own life Smile

Many thanks!
Love and Light...

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I love everything about this, including the quote in the description. The colors are so wonderfully soft. I have a question -- what is the ring attached to? Okay, 2 questions -- What is in the lioness' ear? Thanks. Beautiful piece.

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Hmm, the lion has a kinda sad face(or something) is it supposed to have that?
Otherwise, great job!

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*gasps in wonder* There's nothing I can say this time*

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I love this picture, and it is incredibly deserving of being an editor's pick. You have such a beautiful style, and I think this is one of my favorites of yours.

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oh my gawd, this is wonderful!! I love it how you drew the lioness and the lady together. I also love it how there are killer whales (( orcas )) on the sides. I noticed how the lioness had en earing and on the other end of the strong was another earing, attached to a killer whale's dorsal fin. I love it SO much. I would like to see more nature pictures from you. In addition, I agree with the others.. this is the BEST pitcure on the site. ^^

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You did that with color pencil? WOW. You did great, the best I've seen yet. I want to see more nature pics, you do great with them.

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i agree with the other person that this is the best pic on this site:-}
it's gorgeous>:-}

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this is so beautiful......why dont you paint more? You have such a talent it's not fair not to show it to us! Smile

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Amazingly exquisite and yet so perfect.

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Your work is remarkable! It has real soul and serenity to it, not to mention its superb rendering. What brand pencils do you use, perchance?

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Hi, Johanna! I've always loved this one. I've always wondered what the Dolphin might be whispering in the Cat's ear! Smile

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i really enjoy your style , the soft mystical symbolism of it. It's not often i see styles like this , bravo !

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this is one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen. your use of line is just... well, i cant think of a word that isnt redundant:). its wonderful. i envy and admire you all at once:)

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mesmerizing.... reminds me a bit of M.Perks work. wonderful technique also

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Your works have a very ethereal quality in them. I enjoy them all very much!

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Lionesse picture is the best picture I have seen on this site, its not only catches your eye but has meaning to it.

Art at its best.