Sea of Grass by vengince

Sea of Grass

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 26, 2004
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Book cover for Benbella books. I've been doing more and more digital stuff go figure! but I'm still doing a my oils Smile.

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prismstudios's picture

OOH,I`ve always liked this one.Ever since I saw the original at dragon Con.Cool! L.

Guest's picture

hi jean pierre... I m the new bass player of the band Daimones... maybe you can remember them for the song Ride with the Wicked...
I think it s amazing...
your style is awesome, your a great artist!

keep in touch!

megaflow's picture
xamtovach's picture

It's good to see you never stops to increase yours skills !
You, know; this pics remind me a french story (which I suppose you don't know), "la chevre de Mr Seguin",in a real dark and fantasy version.
Anyway, great job.

vengince's picture

Hey Tatiana, its been awhile. Thanks as always.

fauna's picture

I love your oils-so much subtlety in colors! Awsome composition, very dynamic.

varian's picture

This is so cool. The composition and colors are quite strong. And I keep visually wandering back to that moon which is like translucent, makes me wonder what things would look like from there. Which has very little to do with *this* image, of course, just a visual wandering after long minutes of viewing.

vengince's picture

Thanks Pat,been busy, I'll post more up when I can.

megaflow's picture

Oh. My. God. J.P. - I didn't see this when you put it up. Yow!! Wonderful work, very inspiring. Love the creatures, the lighting, the composition, everything!! Put more up when you can! Smile

romanweb's picture

I recall this in the works! Now that I see the final product.....WOW! As usual..
I love the design of the wolves with that red shade on their backs(Wicked Crazy!). It adds another, subtle menace to their viciousness.
Your oils are amazing as ever Jean.
All the best...

thejeff's picture

sheesh jp, what a hoot! and what a ride for those kids! i love your colors. that horse's head and teeth are special.welcome back!

diane's picture

A stunning and powerful piece. You have created such great atmosphere and action. I love the "light and dark". Beautiful and as always, so inspiring.

djinn's picture

Very, very nice! As always I'm fascinated by your lighting and those little gemlike twinkles on the rock and in the grass.

The picture is really telling a story in itself. The horse creature, who despite being armed with regular horse teeth and hooves, fighting with the hyena-looking beasts. And then - upon closer - obervation, the viewer sees why the horse is so fierce; the small human figures on its back. Smile

j-art's picture

now, j.p, if i can make an artist, no matter if he/she is skilled as you are, or a beginner, feel great – i reached my goal – cause i really think all artists deserve to have a good feeling from time to time, it´s hard enough being an artist. Such comments, which made myself feel great, as i posted my first few pictures on the internet, were the reason why i thought about doing art "seriously” again. You could make no bigger gift to me than with your answer to my little comment, btw. my comments to your work are not only compliments, i really think and feel this way when i see your work. The other thing is since i am in this online galleries i saw a lot of fabulous work, but only some really stands out from the rest – yours do!!! and as i know creating such masterfully pieces is not only a god given gift, it is hard, hard work, i think this should be honored – you have all my respect, thanks for doing your art for us all to enjoy!!

vengince's picture

He he Chris thanks for the warm welcome man and you know I'll never leave epilogue I always comeback, I just try to show new stuff since I hate repeating myself with my artwork. You guys are the best!

vengince's picture

Thanks so much Scott and nice of you to drop in and I appreciate the comments.

vengince's picture

Thanks Ken! he he, its good to see familiar names in here once again. I agree some great art out there digitally or traditionally I can only try to keep up with all of you.

vengince's picture

Uwe you always know how to make an artist feel great! even when he is not lol..but I guess greatness lies within us all and is more spritual then anything material. Your words are to kind my friend but thank you.

vengince's picture

Hey John glad you like that refrence on this piece at all so Im happy you dig it.

vengince's picture

Thanks Sean!

vengince's picture

Thanks Marley, so Ill have to work even harder to keep your expectations satisfied? he he thats tough.

vengince's picture

Thanks Terry!

vengince's picture

Thanks Jessy! I wanted to spark some emotion with the horse creature and avoid the cliche frightened horse look.

christar's picture

WELCOME BACK MR. TARGETE!!!! Please don't go away again! Stay this time, we love you! Your the best dude!

sdavis123061's picture

Man, talk about a feast for the eyes! This is fantastic. Great color, lighting, action and so imaginative. I've admired your work for some time now and this is yet another example of your amazing talent. Great job J.P.

kenmeyerjr's picture

oh man, this sucks. Look at all the color! And that big moon, boy oh boy.

Ha, of course I am joking, fer crying out loud, it's JP, give me a break! Nice to see the horses finally fighting back! There is so much great digital work out there, but JP, oils is yo bag, man!

j-art's picture

first - congrats to your marriage, all my best whishes Smile -- than - oh, how i missed your pieces here, you are such a inspirational artist - this one is a real hammer piece again, movement, drama, your outstanding skillful use of oils - not to forget your immagination which let you crate such creatures - think i said it before but you are just one of the best - now, after i had my jawsurgery, cause it just droped to the floor i went back to my drawingboard and practice, practice.............

jeshannon's picture

Stunning work as always JP !! I just love that Wolf, your pics are always so full of life and movement.

pageaxe's picture

Great stuff J.P.! Very solid piece...

thrax-1's picture

Thats a gorgeous moon jp Smile. Impressive as usual, but m8 that horse looks evil ^^ and I particularly like the red glow on the wolf creatures. Quite a dynamic composition, but i'd expect no less Smile.

Art at its best.