Another Thieve's world/Tor books by vengince

Another Thieve's world/Tor books

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 03, 2004
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Guest's picture

A flute-lute? A truly beautiful piece. Patter

vengince's picture

Thanks Jeff, yhea I hate refrence Smile but its helpes me alot and when pressed for time it actually helps me alot.

thejeff's picture

great job, jp. i am sure the client is very pleased. i think references can actually get in the way sometimes, especially when you wake up in the morning with a pretty clear idea of where you want to go. a lot of solid, classic solutions applied here that give an image a long shelf-life. balance and rhythm are super-strong here. cheers!

romanweb's picture

This is so loose! I can almost see the player lean towards the woman(a flirty gesture) as she drops him an appreciated token. Really? No reference? The colors, as always, strikingly soft and the world created here, the merchants, merchant ships, pillars, beautifully oils....damn.
Another one for the books!

j-art's picture

there are so many jewels in this gallery, but only some less shining bright enough to make it to a crown jewel - you my friend, are one of them - shine on!!!

christar's picture

No Reference!!???!!
Show off!!!!

griffingirl's picture

I love Thieves' World...and your stuff! Is this a new release? Or an older work?

vengince's picture

Hi May-Lin, thanks so much for stopping by and sure if you publish one of your books would love to read it and do a cover.

vengince's picture

thanks Chris,this was an experiment using no refrence, i need to get looser though with these and have more fun.

djinn's picture

Incredible. One of my goals in life is to get my book - or one of them at least - published, but I think I'll have to modify it and make it "published with a J.P cover" Smile

christar's picture

You certainly have some pleasing "lines of intersection" in this composition J.P. Such delicate brushwork on the fabrics, amazing textures. I also love the golden chiascuro lighting you always use. The Pan type character is fascinating.

Art at its best.